Seeking direction on your integrated strategic planning and governance journey?

The 'process' of planning is just as important as the 'plan' itself.



We assist organisations to plan and achieve integrated strategic, operational and resource planning reducing organisational silo mentality. Improve organisational performance and efficiency, identify and deliver customer and community outcomes.


RSK Consulting is highly experienced in reviewing and embedding internal governance frameworks and legislative compliance across organisational boundaries with clients being from government, small business and not for profit sector. Ensure your organisation is compliant to regulatory changes.


Effective collaborative initiatives, can deliver innovative and considerable benefits to all stakeholders, that may not be able to be achieved by working alone. Collaborative project failure is also high. We can assist organisations to embed collaborative governance models, including ISO 44001 Collaborative Business Relationships Framework to help reduce this risk.


RSK Consulting Pty Ltd was established by Rhonda Skelton to support organisations increase their collaborative governance capabilities, with a focus on embedding collaborative thinking throughout an organisation’s integrated and strategic level planning approach.


Rhonda has an extensive management background in all three levels of government prior to becoming a specialist in strategic governance and organisational planning.

Her interest in integrated strategic planning and increasingly collaboration governance has evolved over many years influenced through her work establishing social work services to support Defence families at RAAF Tindal NT, as a shared service manager of an industry best practice service delivery centre and as manager of multiple interorganisational joint procurement contracts. She is passionate about the benefits that utilising collaborative organisational integration systems and approaches can deliver to an organisation and the clients they serve.

Rhonda’s career includes working with Department of Defence, ATO, Department of Human Services, NSW State Government and several NSW local councils and as a specialist governance consultant.

Rhonda’s interests and practical experience in integrated strategic planning and inter-organisational collaborative working relationships has been backed up through her thirst for knowledge, research and learning and has undertaken relevant post graduate university studies. This has involved travelling to the UK to upgrade her skills in collaborative thinking and relationship management systems.

Rhonda is an accredited ISO 44001 Collaborative Business Relationships Facilitator (ICWUK), an Associate of ICW (UK) and accredited Shared Service Architect (UK).

Should you wish to discuss your collaboration journey, Rhonda’s contact details are located on the Contact Page of this website.


• Grad Cert Organisational Change
• Grad Cert Collaborative Transformation (UK)
• Adv. Diploma Business Management
• Cert IV Training and Assessment
• Cert IV Front-line Management


• Accredited Shared Service Architect (UK)
• Accredited ISO 44001
• Associate Institute Collaborative Working (ICWUK)


• Member Northern Midlands Business Assn.
• Member of Institute of Collaborative Working (UK)



RSK Consulting offers a range of governance based services. Our focus is to work with and in a client’s organisation and employees to help embed increased governance transparency, integration and strategic planning. With experience and qualifications in change and project management, customer service, organisation design and marketing the approach taken is by RSK Consulting is both holistic, customer centric and systems based.


Through our integrated lens and approach to customer service and complaint handling we focus not just on the systems and processes that your organisation has in place or require, but also very much from the human dimension of complaint making and handling.

This holistic view is aligned not only to recommended practice Australian and International Complaint Management Standards but provides the mechanisms to ensure your organisation is seen as valuing complaints as a vital component to service delivery and continuous improvement.
Our services range from undertaking analysis and audit of existing organisation complaint management systems, providing recommendations against relevant standards for improvement, preparing and contextualising complaint management policies and procedures.

At RSK Consulting our team provides project management and consultancy services in the areas of integrating strategic and operational planning and governance. In delivering this service work is conducted both off site and onsite at a client's premises, especially in rural and regional locations across Australia.


RSK Consulting works with clients to ensure policies and procedures are current align to legislation and are embedded across the organisation. Experience includes working with merging councils to ensure two sets of policies are integrated to one, enabling an organisation to achieve NDIS accreditation and organisations that need to implement new legislation across departments.


Training programs are tailored to suit the context of your organisation and the needs of your employees and from any point in your collaboration and integration journey. Programs are delivered by accredited Associates of the Institute of Collaborative Working (MICW) who have a considerable background in a range of governance, procurement and infrastructure management.


RSK Consulting can assist small to medium size enterprises with their strategic collaborative relationship journey. This includes assisting clients with high level strategic planning, undertaking internal assessments and service reviews which involve research, analysis, and policy and procedure development related to ISO 44001 Collaborative Business Relationships. 



Collaborative business relationships have been shown to deliver a wide range of benefits, to both an organisation and the clients or community they serve. There are many excellent examples in every industry and across each level of government where a joined up approach or partnership has delivered exponential benefits, where going it alone could not possibly do so.

There have also been significant failures that have highlighted in hindsight the need for increased organisational collaboration governance.

Collaboration between and across organisations may take many forms from informal approaches through to longer term alliances, joint procurement ventures, shared service delivery, commissioned services and supply relationships.

Collaboration is not new, and the fundamentals are largely understood. However, to a large extent the documented organisational values of collaboration and building relationships and trust are not integrated throughout the strategic planning cycle, represented in workforce management plans or present in an organisation governance management system and structure.

Each collaborative relationship and it's journey are unique and can take different routes. As such it is vital to take into consideration the individual context of each.  In some cases, this requires being mindful of other legislative and regulatory requirements and influences.



The introduction of the global standard ISO 44001 Collaborative Business Relationships provides a framework based on joint value creation and developing trusting sustainable relationships which benefit partners and delivers improved outcomes for stakeholders.   

ISO 44001 does not enforce a single rigid approach but is designed to be embedded into an organisations existing management system, not as a standalone function. The standard recognises that every collaborative relationship has its own unique organisational, industry and legislative considerations whilst providing a common language platform between partners.

The standard’s life cycle approach provides a staged guideline to collaboration governance commencing with leadership commitment and importance of operational and internal awareness and aligned to questions that should be asked in any normal strategic plan or endeavour:
1. Where are you now?
2. Where do you want to be?
3. How is collaboration going to get you there?

If you would like to know more regarding collaboration governance or ISO 44001 Collaborative Business Relationships, RSK Consulting can assist you on your collaboration governance journey.

As an Associate of the Institute of Collaborative Working (UK) Rhonda Skelton Director has a network of Associates and the latest tools and resources to draw from to assist your organisation. 



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